Who We Are

Taking a look back on the history of footwear and how it came to be, you'll find the ancient ingenuity which paved the way for future sneakers to come.

At Dark Forest, we’ve designed our shoes to pay homage to the indigenous people of the Amazon Rain forest during the 1500’s. Amazonians created the idea of what is now known as the rubber out-sole. This was accomplished by placing ones foot in the gummy sap drawn from a rubber tree, then proceeding to dry them over fire. This process resulted in making a mold of the foot, or the out-sole.

Dark Forest drew inspiration from this process by molding the out-sole directly to the upper of the shoe without the use of hazardous glue. This technique is known as “Injection Model”. We found comfort in this development knowing that our employees would not be inhaling the toxic chemicals as a direct outcome of using glues. The Injection model process will also benefit our customers as well. In addition, If your Dark Forest shoes become dirty, you’re able to wash them via washer & dryer without any separation of the out-sole and the upper sole.